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Innae’s development has very much been a family affair. Alison, Simon and James have nine kids between them and with eight of them being girls there was lots of noisy debate from the start. Simon’s daughter, Tasha, was just becoming an eco-warrior as Innae was born and she wanted Innae to be more than just an empowering brand; she wanted it to be ethical and sustainable.

Tasha is still passionate about sustainability and she has instilled this passion into Innae, inspiring Alison, Simon and James to make Innae as sustainable as possible. They decided that Innae had to be eco-sassy, without losing its powerful vibe. Innae quickly became a brand that is powering the positive in every way it can. This also means that the factory where Innae clothing is made treats its workers fairly. 

This is a brand that says 'yes' to sweat and 'no' to sweatshops.

All our clothing is made from at least 86% recycled materials and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRC).

“The GRC is an international, voluntary, full-product standard that sets out requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions.

GLC International website

What we’ve learnt through developing Innae…

…that normal polyester production uses huge quantities of water, chemicals and use of fossil fuels. The raw materials and by-products are toxic, pollute water and air and cause several health issues.

So it made complete sense that we started Innae as we meant to go on, using recycled polyester (RPET) and recycled cotton to make our clothing.

Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses PET as the raw material. PET is what plastic water bottles are made of and recycles it to create our clothes, preventing those bottles from going into landfill. 

In fact, one pair of Innae leggings uses approximately 30 water bottles!

RPET requires less water, consumes less energy and creates lower CO2 omissions.

Recycled cotton diverts products from landfill, the amount of energy, water and dye used in making the garment is reduced and there are less CO2 and fossil fuel emissions.

So, you can see why we were persuaded that eco-sassy was the way for Innae to go.

It’s not all good though. Plastic is still plastic, even if it’s recycled and therefore still sheds microfibers that enter into rivers and oceans, potentially poisoning the food chain so we decided to do something about this too…

…introducing the Guppyfriend Washing Bag:

the first practical way to prevent micro-fibres from entering into rivers and oceans, as it captures even the tiniest microfibres released from clothing during a wash.

Innae clothing is made to last. Alison has spent her entire life trawling through charity shops and giving clothes an extra lease of life. We want you to wear your Innae clothing out!

Ethically made

Innae is ethically made in a factory in Turkey, that Alison, Simon and James visit and keep in contact with regularly. They’ve built up a really close working relationship with Umit and his partners, who all share their values of quality, sustainability and good working practices.

All our packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation

Through their Taekwon-do teaching, Alison and Simon are developing their students’ confidence and ability to stand up for themselves: to have a voice. Anti-bullying is a subject extremely close to their hearts and one that they talk about in their classes and at events. This is why Innae is linking-up with The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, to support people who are experiencing bullying at school, on-line, in the workplace or homophobia in sport. Through buying a piece of Innae, you can help others overcome bullying and you are powering the positive.

Read more about the StandUp Foundation here: